Cake too much chocolate and alcohol claims customer, baker claps back

It is common for customers to demand a refund over dissatisfied products. This encounter with a baker and his customer however, left netizens speechless.

“I laughed so hard I ran out of breath, see for yourself,” said Totoro Gourmet Studio owner known as Nick Totoro on Facebook.

Totoro Gourmet Studio is a well-known pastry studio in KL, owned by Nicholas Law who prefers to be called Chef Totoro.

The drama began when a woman asked the baker for a refund, because the chocolate cake she bought wasn’t tasty.

Further inquiry by the baker revealed that she found the cake to be not tasty because it had too much chocolate.

“Children and friends complain that your chocolate cake is too strong and bitter, not tasty at all,” she said, adding that the chocolate cake she had in the past wasn’t as bitter.

She asked:” Are you using cheap chocolate?”

“I had used 1kg of French-imported 64% chocolate for RM60+, if you think that is a cheap ingredient, then I’m at a loss for words!

“And the richness of the chocolate comes from its authenticity. Would you prefer a chocolate cake without the taste of chocolate?” Chef Totoro retorted, in response to the woman’s accusation that his chocolate is cheap and bitter.

She then complained that the cake has alcohol which makes children uncomfortable.

The baker helplessly respond that she had ordered an alcohol-infused chocolate cake.

“If there’s no hint of alcohol, what will you complaint about later?” Chef Totoro asked.

Not a crumb left

At this point, the woman demanded a refund.

What made netizens flabbergasted was that the cake was consumed. There was not a single crumb left.

“All gone,” she said when Chef Totoro asked how much was left of the cake.

Having enough of the woman’s demands the baker then shared a passage from The Heart Sutra, which is a popular sutra in Mahayana Buddhism.

“Why did you write this? I am a Christian,” she angrily wrote.

In response, Chef Totoro sent a photo of a priest with a cross.

Many netizens found the incident hilarious.

“U very naughty leh!” wrote Facebook user Zoe S. Y. Chan.

“I laughed when I saw this, sorry couldn’t help myself,” said Facebook user Angela Lai.

“Have to have good EQ when facing these crazy brainless people, just be yourself,” one Facebook user Yap Yoke Fing said.