Malaysian Fast & Furious ends with ego spurred accident

A viral dashcam video on social media depicted two drivers’ reckless behaviour on the road, similar to movie franchise Fast and Furious which resulted in an accident.

The drama begins when a Proton Waja suddenly changes to the right lane to avoid a truck that is driving slowly.

As they say, action has consequences, by trying to avoid the slow-moving truck, the Proton Waja nearly collided with a Honda City who was speeding in the right lane.

Subsequently, the Honda City then proceeded to overtake the Proton Waja car, and change lanes in a provocative way, perhaps motivated by anger towards the Proton Waja driver who early nearly collided with it.

The Proton Waja then reacted in kind, trying to overtake Honda City and even beginning to swipe side the Honda City in the adjacent lane.

The Honda City then retaliated by slightly bumping into the Proton Waja. The Proton Waja car then lost control and ultimately overturned at the side of the road, leading to an unfortunate but avoidable accident.

As seen in the video, several people driven by kindness step out of their vehicles to assist the Proton Waja driver, while the video has no sound, various people can be seen giving angry gestures at the Honda City driver.

Many netizens believed both drivers should have kept their cool.

“That’s why, no matter how angry you are while driving, always stay cool and drive as usual, because you’re not Toretto in the Fast and Furious movie. There’s no point in getting angry over something that has already happened,” said one X account user by the name of Bang Jimm.

“Anger leads to nothing but destruction,” one X account user by the name of Fayzzan.

No official report regarding the accident has yet to be released by authorities at the time this article been written.