Scammers are using Pos Malaysia to con people

In calling for the public to be wary over scammers using Pos Malaysia, Deputy Communication Minister Teo Nie Ching took to social to explain how scammers used Pos Malaysia to scam the public.

“First they will blast you with SMS, in the SMS they will tell you you have unclaimed packages.

“In the message, there will be a link for you to use to update your details so they can send the packages to you.

“However if you observe the SMS carefully you will find the link does not end with, at this point, you need to be careful,” she said and warned viewers to not click and download the link.

Some of the links used to scam people are,,, and

The Ah… Pencuri Kacau

“Second method, the scammers will contact you via WhatsApp. In WhatsApp they will claim to be from Pos Malaysia, they will also provide you with a link or they will request you to click and download the .apk file.

“This file, might be named Pos Malaysia or Pos Laju, but remember if the file is .apk don’t click and download it,” she said.

“Just like renowned Kol (key opinion leader) So I am Jeann said in her video, just remember we can refer to APK as ah… pencuri kacau, a short form of apk.

“Once you click and download the APK file, important information in your phone like your friends’ contact numbers and your password will fall into the hands of scammers,” she said.

“Let’s cultivate the habit of being more sceptical, thoughtful, and thorough in verification together to avoid becoming the next victim of online scams,” she said.

Pos Malaysia had previously warned the public, via Instagram, on rampant SMS scams in January.