Allah word controversy: Vern’s Holding will cooperate with authorities

Shoe company Vern’s Holding Sdn Bhd founder Ng Chuan Hoo confirmed that his company would cooperate with the authorities over the Allah word controversy.

“Let the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and police do what needs to be done with regard to their investigations,” he said, reported The Star.

“After their investigations, I will cooperate fully with their next course of action,” Ng also known by his nickname Ah Foo said, adding that the meeting was cordial and the officers even provide Ng with guidance.

He mentioned this after spending an hour in discussions with Jakim officers at their headquarters today.

He said that he immediately ordered the shoes in question to be withdraw, when he got wind of shoe issue, courtesy of his assistant who show him a viral video regarding the shoe.

Ng understands that even though the issue arises from a misunderstanding, it has inflicted discomfort and pain on the Muslim community.

“In this respect, Ah Foo apologises. I hope to learn from the incident and to be more careful and sensitive in the future, especially with regard to business,” he added.

“I am waiting for them to call me in for a statement,” Ng said, adding that he will also give a statement to the police later today.

The shoe issue arose after a video where a man claimed the logo of the shoe he bought looked similar to the word Allah.

Shortly after, Umno youth chief Dr Akmal Salleh made a statement on Facebook saying if the company in question didn’t provide an explanation, their products would be boycotted.

As many as eight police reports were filed yesterday concerning the shoe issue.