Alamak Raya Lagi goes viral in Mandarin and Tamil on TikTok

Days before Aidilfitri, the Chinese and Indian communities joined in the celebratory mood by releasing Alamak Raya Lagi in Mandarin and Tamil.

Internet sensation Esther Lai came out with a Chinese translation of the song.

In the video she sings and dances merrily to the famed Alamak Raya Lagi song, showcasing Malaysia’s tolerance and diversity culture.

“I love the Malay song “Alamak Raya Lagi!” so much therefore I translated it into Chinese version so that non-Malay speaking friends could understand it too!” she said in her TikTok video post.

Malaysian Indian TikTok user by the name Prakash Kaliappan joined in the fray by replacing Alamak with Aiyoyo..

Tan Sin Yee a pharmacist from Soulwell Pharmacy in Kulai posted a TikTok video of herself in her TikTok account Sin Yee II dancing to the Malay version.

The original Malay version music video Alamak Raya Lagi! was first released by De Fam, the video now has more than 500,000 views.

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