Sean Lau surprises all by making kopi tarik

Hong Kong actor Sean Lau, 60, surprised everyone in a new advertisement video just before the new Golden Horse Awards ceremony.

You wouldn’t believe what is in the video.

In the video he featured as a Kopitiam coffee master, displaying impressive skills.

Turns out, that he was shooting an advertisement for Hong Kong Nescafe with Hong Kong actress Amy Tang Lai Ying and a member of the YouTube channel Pomato 小薯茄(Little Cherry Tomato).

He was dressed in light brown labour attire, with a hint of white stubble on his face.

With a solemn expression, he declared in the advertisement video, “Kopitiam Pulled tea (Teh Tarik) or Pulled Coffee (Kopi Tarik) is an art form.”

The advertisement takes place in a traditional Nanyang-style coffee shop.

“To pull the perfect, thick and smooth tasting coffee, you need to use the right temperature and delicate force,” he said, emphasising the coffee needs to be pulled with an angle between 7 and 45.6 degrees.