Nga, Yii counters Akmal

Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming subtly responded to Umno Youth chief Dr Akmal Saleh’s insult by saying let the facts to speak for themselves in his X account, which was accompanied by a news article.

The news carried the headline “King accords recognition to KPKT on the ministry’s excellent performance”.

In the article, Nga can be seen standing beside Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim respectfully. 

The article was about Nga presenting his ministry performance review to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim back in March. 

“We care, we serve and we deliver. 

“Let the facts speak for themselves. 

“We shall focus on continuing to perform and make Malaysia a nation well respected in the eye of the world,” Nga said via X. 

Earlier yesterday Umno Youth chief Dr Akmal Saleh called Nga lacked wisdom and claimed that the economy is deteriorating because there are ministers like him. 

Be matured, argue over policy

In response, DAPSY National Chief Kelvin Yii said that youth leaders should not showcase their immaturity via Facebook post yesterday. 

“Rather as a young leader, the Umno Youth chief should be showing a good example in politics and not show immaturity by resorting to ‘name-calling’ even if he disagrees with the action of a minister in the government.

“Whether we agree or not with the action or statement that was said, as a young leader, he should have brought proper and mature arguments to the table either to refute the statement or to add constructive criticism to the issue at hand,” Yii said. 

“Argue policy with policy, proposals with better proposals, discourse with mature discourse. 

“Only then our politics can mature and really add value to our society.

“Our politics cannot merely reduced to name-calling or mud-slinging which has degraded the current state of our political discource to where it is now.,” Yii added. 

In the same post, Yii said that should be the aspiration of all young leaders in our country.

“That should be the aspiration of all young leaders in our country as we push for a more mature democracy and mature politics to replace old politics of old that do not add value to the society,” Yii said. 

On 11 April, Nga cautioned Malaysians that boycotts done irresponsibly would have consequences via his X account. 

The post was accompanied by a picture from Sin Chew Daily that highlighted the struggle a couple working at KFC faced due to the recent boycott trend in Malaysia.

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