Nonsense… I never wanted to be a politician

Indian philantrophist Ohms P Thiagarajan has denied allegations that he is vying for a senator position.

“All that are nonsense. I never wanted to be a politician. Titles and positions are unnecessary to serve the community,” Thiagarajan told Harapan Daily.

“There are so many people out there who are qualified for this position.”

He said this in response to a report a Youtube news channel My Velichamtv.

The report stated that the news news channel was lobbying for Thiagarajan to be nominated as a senator on the basis that there was no Tamil senators from PKR and DAP.

A check on the Parliament website indicated there senators from the Indian community from both parties.

Senator K Saraswathy is from PKR and a deputy minister. Senator Datuk A Kesavadas and Senator Dr A Lingeshwaran are from the DAP.

Thiagarajan also had a piece of advice for My Velichamtv.

“Report the news instead of lobbying for individuals.”