Alamak Raya Lagi goes to Japan

Popular Japanese dance group Avantgardey danced to Alamak Raya Lagi on TikTok and you wouldn’t believe it.

The three member Japanese dance group danced merrily, cheerfully and with style.

The three members of the group are Nona、Oya and Macchan.

In the video they can be seen showcasing unique dance moves, something they are known for.

Many Malaysian netizens were surprised that the song made it to Japan.

In 2022, Avantgardey burst onto the performance scene with their distinctive dance style and exaggerated movements. This led them to fame.

The group are from Osaka, Japan, they swiftly rose to prominence after captivating the audiences on the talent show “America’s Got Talent” last year.

The original version music video Alamak Raya Lagi! was first released by De Fam, the video now has more than 500,000 views.

Some has reservation against De Fam Alamak Raya Lagi claiming the song carried negative tones, a claim that De Fam denied.