Sloppy cake trend: No need to eat shit

The taste of food is also influenced by the visuals that you see.

This was the opinion of Totoro Gourmet Studio owner Nicholas Law, better known as Chef Totoro regarding sloppy-looking, dirty cakes.

Totoro Gourmet Studio is a well-known pastry studio in KL, owned by Chef Totoro.

“Seeing someone again teaching recipe classes on XHS (Xiaohongshu, a Chinese social media platform).

“Honestly, do they think students are fools?” he said, in a Facebook post.

“Why ruin a good cake? Must it be turned into shit to be edible?

“Do they have issues or just want to experience being in the limelight?

“Making chocolate cake is just using chocolate sauce, chocolate cream, cocoa powder, and so on… Do they really intend to add shit?

“Please, go eat normal cake! No need to eat shit,” he said via Facebook.

He was responding to the trend of making cakes that looked dirty or sloppy. This style of cake is called sloppy cake or dirty cake.

A look into social media revealed that there are people who are into sloppy cake enough to open classes and teach others.

One of the commenters on the post thinks the cake tastes better when they are messy or dirty.

“The messier the cake is the better it tastes, understand? ” one Facebook by the name Tze Khen user said.

Another Facebook user known as Rae Chong said pic one of the screenshot Chef Totoro shared look like shit:” Picture number 1 really look like shit.”