Kuala Kubu Baharu: Which PN component would be fielded?

Kuala Kubu Baharu: Which PN component would be fielded?

That is the puzzle for voters in the semi-rural state constituency in Kuala Kubu Baharu.

While Pakatan Harapan has not confirmed its shortlisted candidates, it is confirmed that DAP is set to defend the seat.

However that is not the case for PN.

During the state polls last year, Gerakan contested the seat.

This time around there is also the Malaysian Indian People’s Party joining Perikatan Nasional officially.

Kuala Kubu Baharu has always been the epicentre for a MCA – DAP battle.

The change in political alliance saw Gerakan’s Teoh Kien Hong contesting it for the first time last year during the state polls.

One factor that cannot be overlooked is that 18 percent of the voters in this seat are Indians.

On that note, there is no guarantee that MIPP would be contesting.

“I want to work to bring the Indian votes for PN. If Gerakan insists, they can contest there,” said MIPP president P Punithan.

Despite the above scenario, Bersatu seems to be interested in the seat too.

They are basing it on the fact that KKB has a 50 percent Malay voter base.

However if Bersatu gets the seat, it would only prove that Bersatu is not a team player for multiracial Malaysia.

It also beats the purpose of having non-Malay component parties in PN.

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