Tenants from hell turns homestay to garbage dump and bad mouths it via review, prompting the owners to respond

A family who took up residence in Samantha Homestay Kota Kinabalu for two days not only turned it into a garbage dump but also left negative comment on Facebook and Google reviews.

They were unhappy over the RM200 fine imposed on them for the mess they made.

This led to the proprietors of the homestay to reveal the nonsense that the family created via Facebook.

“We have him commenting in the review section saying he’s very angry about being fined RM200.

“He believes that the level of messiness left behind should be cleaned by the owners themselves. According to him, the garbage dump he left behind is the owner’s responsibility,” Samantha homestay Facebook post said.

“Do you really think you can turn someone else’s house into a garbage dump? What’s even more ridiculous is being fined just RM 200.

“Do you really think that RM 200 is a big deal?” the proprietor of the homestay asked, responding to the guest’s bad review on the homestay Facebook page.

They claimed that the negative review was baseless.

“Basically, they wrote whatever they could without any evidence at all,” the homestay proprietor wrote in the same post.

“Is there something wrong with their character?” It’s as simple as this, if you can sleep with garbage, what does that say about your character? Not attracting cockroaches or mice? That’s impossible!” Samantha Homestay proprietor said in the post.

Samantha Homestay is no novice in the business as they are operating 15 homestays since 2018.

“If what this guest says were true, we would have gone out of business long ago. The eyes of the public are sharp. Remember to see clearly.”

The pictures Samantha Homestay shared show, the guests left the house filled with bottles, trash, and food waste after checking out. The state they left the house in is a stark contrast to how the house looked before their arrival.

Netizens expressed support for Samantha Homestay and expressed their dismay over the mess left by the family.

“Why is it so terrifying? How could such a beautiful and comfortable place end up like this? Oh my, faint,” said a Facebook user named YF Wong.

“The curious thing is, how could they live with such filth?

“Are they also a pile of garbage themselves? It’s really disgraceful. Even if staying at a hotel, I wouldn’t make a mess and trouble the housekeeping to clean up.

“One should keep their own living space clean. When they checked out, didn’t they feel ashamed at all? What kind of mindset and attitude is this, really?” A Facebook user named Bin Yin said.

“Omg… these tenants are from hell… it’s so troublesome to get tenants like this… they’re really irresponsible…” said Facebook user Joan Vianney Jonas.

“A group of uncivilized tenants, making the house so dirty after staying for 2 days, one can imagine their own homes are like garbage dumps all the time,” said a Facebook user by the name of Silvy Goh.