Car facing off lorry video goes viral

A viral video shared on the Facebook page Malaysia Accident & Disaster Information (Info Kemalangan & Bencana Malaysia) recently, captured an encounter between a car and a lorry on a narrow road in Malaysia.

You wouldn’t believe what happened.

In a bizarre turn of events, a sedan went rogue on a quiet lane, zooming into oncoming traffic like it owned the road. As a result, the car collided with a lorry, and ended up with its front end in total ruins!

The reason for the sedan driver’s behaviour wasn’t specified in the viral video, leaving viewers to speculate.

Was it due to nodding off or being distracted by the phone?

In the video, the sedan was seen driving away from its lane onto the opposite lane to overtake cars, however after the deed was done, the sedan didn’t return to its lane.

Even when the lorry was inches away from the sedan, the sedan driver didn’t move away from the lane and continued to drive in the wrong lane.

In the video, the lorry tried to avoid colliding with the sedan but to no avail, as the lorry’s elongated frame made the task impossible.

The car involved in the accident was left at the side of the road afterwards while the lorry suffered considerable damage, its windshield completely detached from the frame.

The location and time weren’t mentioned in the video.

Many netizens are scratching their heads trying to figure out the cause behind the sedan driver action.

“Why didn’t avoid it?” said a Facebook user named Darni Dulhan.

“Why are so many people careless to the point of wanting to kill themselves?” said a Facebook user named Amirul Azhar.

Currently, the video has garnered 53 thousand views and 340 comments.

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