Guys who are adult baby diaper lovers…

A man known only as Adam had an attachment to wearing diapers since he was 13. It is a habit that he carried into adulthood without even the knowledge of his wife.

“Even after six years of marriage and having a child, my wife remains unaware of my peculiar side. I never wear diapers in front of my wife or family, only when I’m working or out,” said Adam, reported Harian Metro.

He uses it when he goes to the gym, hiking, or other places.

“One day I wanted to try on my little brother’s diapers.

“I was still young at that time.

“I secretly took my brother’s diapers and tried them on, and they fit perfectly.

“At that moment, I felt very comfortable,” Adam revealed to Harian Metro, claiming to be a Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL).

He added that since that day, he’s been wearing diapers.

In the interview Adam confessed that he was surprised to find a whole community of enthusiasts selling adult baby gear online, he never imagined this strange desire not only happening to him.

Adam further disclosed that his parents is unaware of his habit, asserting that wearing diapers brings him comfort and tranquillity.

“It’s an instinctual desire for me to wear diapers,” he said.

He further revealed that the desire goes beyond diaper-wearing for some people.

“Some people simply enjoy wearing diapers, while others desire to be treated like babies. There are those who enjoy both,” he revealed.

In response to this issue, Dr Noor Aishah Rosli, a child clinical psychologist, pointed out that adult diaper lovers adopt such a lifestyle due to a lack of care, emotional imbalance, and a lack of knowledge on how to properly manage emotions.

However, according to the doctor, this is not a specific medical or psychological issue but rather a lifestyle within related communities.

The doctor claimed that practitioners of ABDL who behave like babies, whine, drink milk, and wear diapers are part of a culture from foreign countries that crave attention, with the majority being among adult males.”

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