The danger when majority sees themselves as the minority

Nanyang headlined that Malaysian talents are highly sought after in the international job market, but rapid talent outflow is now commonplace. Experts urge the government to recognize that this trend would impact the ability to attract foreign investment since our country’s economy has been stuck in the middle-income trap for too long. If we don’t get out of the trap, talents will gradually drift away.

Sin Chew led with the rise of Singapore dollar against Malaysian ringgit that drew human resources away. It further reported that the newly announced flexible employment arrangement would only enhance Singapore’s standing.

The case of a young man with Down Syndrome who was assaulted by a 39 year old Chinese woman was reported both China Press and Kwong Wah Yit Poh. However the liquid used is not known.

China Press and Kwong Wah Daily led with the arrest of a 39-year-old Chinese woman who splashed hot water on a young man with Down syndrome in the lift.

The number of millionaires aged 30 and below in Malaysia increased by 75% compared to the previous year in 2022, Guang Ming headlined. The daily quoted NST reporting that 35 individuals in the age group over RM1 million as their income. That is is 20 percent rise from 2021.


It is dangerous for the majority population to see themselves as victims while unfairly treating the minority, fostering division and spreading fears of perpetual disenfranchisement among certain groups, said Nanyang.

It urged the government to evaluate matters with forward-thinking, exercise decisive governance, and tame populism to dilute its toxic effects.