A wild ride through a mini tornado

What was supposed to be a typical drive on the highway turned into a wild ride for one woman.

According to a video uploaded by netizen @anna0001114 on TikTok, she suddenly encountered strong winds coupled with heavy rain while driving on the highway.

The video shows tree leaves abruptly whisked up, swirling in the air, with some falling to the road. 

It was at that moment the woman realised it wasn’t just bad weather but a mini tornado. 

“Although it was a small tornado, it was still very frightening to encounter it in front of you. This natural disaster is truly terrifying!

“Thank God it just passed by lightly,” the TikTok post said.

It is believed, the related tornado occurred on the North-South Expressway near Pagoh, Johor. 

Many netizens have commented that a natural phenomenon known as crosswinds was the cause behind the nightmarish weather.