Jesseca Liu wins All – Time Favourite Artiste award in Singapore

Singapore-based Malaysian actress Jesseca Liu, 45, thanked her family back in Malaysia for their endless support after being honoured as an All-Time Favourite Artiste at Star Awards 2024 in Singapore.

“Thank you to my family back in Malaysia for your endless support,” she said joyfully.

In the award ceremony, she also expressed gratitude to those who helped her along her journey, reported Sin Chew Daily.

“This honour is not the result of one person’s effort. The fact that I can stand here is definitely the result of many people’s efforts,” she emotionally said onstage.

Not forgetting to express her gratitude to her husband actor Jeremy Chan who also won Best Actor at the Star Awards 2024, she said: “My husband, your arms may not be the strongest in the media, but they are definitely the safest harbour.”

The Star Awards, presented by Mediacorp, honour both artistic and technical excellence, recognizing exceptional performances by entertainers under their employment throughout the year.

Last year’s winners of Star Awards for All-Time Favourite Artiste, Singapore actresses Rebecca Lim and Felicia Chin presented this year Star Awards for All-Time Favourite Artiste award to famed actress Ann Kok and Jesseca jointly received the award.

Jesseca debuted two decades ago, making her first appearance in the Singaporean-Taiwanese collaboration idol drama “The Champion” in 2004.

The Singapore based artiste got her first lead role as Ding Yirou in Rhapsody in Blue.

She garnered popularity in Singapore with her role in “Portrait of Home” and eventually became a well-known actress in both Singapore and Malaysia.

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