Malaysia has an additional 14 new Chinese new villages

Officially Malaysia now has an additional of 14 Chinese new villages, said Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming.

He said this following the recent re-planning of 14 new villages by the Sarawak government that was approved by the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

“Our country originally had 613 new villages, but with the addition of 14 in Sarawak, the total number of new villages nationwide has increased to 627,” Nga said while officiating the opening ceremony of the arch at Batu Dua New Village in Gerik, Perak.

Nga revealed that with the addition of new villages, they will strive harder to obtain more funding from the federal government for the purpose of planning and making the villages better in four ways: improving infrastructure, improving the quality of life in new villages, beautifying new villages, and promoting new village tourism.

Nga said this so more people would know about the new villages and feel excited about them.

“Through the concept of local regeneration, we aim to raise awareness of new villages and rejuvenate them, bringing about a fresh and revitalized atmosphere,” Nga said.

He remarked that this year, after planning in Perak, two restructured villages on Pangkor Island have been designated as Chinese new villages, effectively adding two new villages to Perak which solidified its position as the state with the highest number of new villages in Malaysia.

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