Maintain the sanctity of Songkran without politics

The Songkran festival which is the equivalent of Thai Buddhist New Year is in the news but for very wrong reasons.

It is a wonder why certain quarters are politicising it again and again even though the festival has got nothing to do with their faith and culture.

As a result of this, Songkran in Malaysia gets a very bad image.

Clearly it is interference of non-Buddhists into the tradition of the Buddhist community in Malaysia.

Why are they interfering when they definitely get agitated if and when other people question anything that got to do with their faith, culture and tradition?

Or is it a simple case of might is right, since the non-Buddhists are the minority.

What has happened annually shows that certain quarters are using Songkran for their own political mileage instead of unifying people through a festival.

Politicising festivals of different communities must end, here and now.

If such an instance recurs in the future, it must be probed under the laws for 3R.