Woman’s week-long wait for pizza goes viral

Recently a Facebook post regarding a woman not receiving food ordered from Domino Pizza despite a week having passed went viral.

According to the screenshot shared by the woman, the woman who referred to herself as Rac Peici on Facebook ordered 3 pizzas, a chicken dish, and 2 loaves of bread from Domino’s Pizza’s Melodies Garden branch in Johor Bahru on 10 April, totalling RM183.50.

However, despite a week passing, she claimed she never received her order. “Really terrible service! Don’t order pizza from here again.

“Paid but no delivery, no response, no refund!

“It has been over a week !!!” A Facebook user by the name of Rac Peici said via a Facebook post.

A close examination of the receipt revealed that the woman had opted to pick up the food herself instead of having her food delivered to her which explains why the famed pizza shop never delivered her order.

They were waiting for her to pick up the food she ordered.

Many netizens mockingly refer to her as a “Karen” for expecting food delivery when she opts to pick up her order.

In the comment section, a netizen shared a screenshot of Rac’s other Facebook post on the same topic.

The other Facebook post told a different story.

Apparently, she chose the pickup option with the intention to pick up her food at the designated location.

However, upon arrival, she found that the store had been closed.

“Definitely NO NO after this time. I placed an order for pick-up, expecting a seamless experience.

“Firstly, I had to wait for an hour before my order was ready for pick-up. but it became even more disappointing when I arrived at the designated pick-up address only to find that it had been closed permanently.

“To make matters worse, I was not informed of the closure beforehand, nor was there any attempt to notify me or update the pick-up location. Call in no answer!

“And I have paid almost RM 200 for nothing on RAYA dinner !! As a result, I was left hungry and extremely disappointed with my 4 children having wasted both time and money on an order that I could not collect.

“This adds further frustration to an already unpleasant situation.

“I am deeply disappointed by this experience and find it truly disgusting to encounter such poor service. Now it has been over a week, sent to all the email addresses with no response. Really terrible service!

“I look forward to your prompt response and a satisfactory resolution to this matter and refund the amount urgently !!” She wrote in a Facebook post.

Many claimed this new post was made to cover her mistake.

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