Flies in Japanese restaurant drinks

A Chinese woman, dining at a Japanese restaurant on 21st April was alarmed to find dead flies in her beverage just before leaving.

To her surprise, her friend sitting nearby had encountered the same issue, prompting her to loudly criticise the restaurant’s poor hygiene conditions.

Apparently, the female customer and her friends visited a Japanese restaurant chain in Cheras, and when she was about to finish her hot green tea and settle the bill, she suddenly noticed something unusual in her mouth.

Upon inspection, she discovered it was a dead fly.

“The fly’s legs were curled up, clearly indicating it was cooked! Even the refill teapot was affected, the whole restaurant was affected,” she said, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The female customer pointed out that when the restaurant staff learned about the dead flies found in their food, they promptly brought a fruit platter as compensation. She refused to accept the fruit platter.

“Would you still dare to eat your fruit platter?” she exclaimed.

In the aftermath of the incident, the restaurant manager apologised via text and offered a compensation of RM30 cash voucher and promised to cover necessary medical expenses.

The offer was rejected by the female customer.

“For me, it’s of no use. At the same restaurant, at the same time, flies were found in the food at two separate tables.

“You have to understand, this is a place that serves sashimi and other raw dishes!“How can such poor hygiene conditions be acceptable?” she said.

This incident has sparked polarised reactions among netizens.

Some believe that the food industry is challenging, claiming the shop has apologised so there is no need to go overboard.

While other netizens believe that those in the food industry should address pest issues promptly and take responsibility for any errors committed.

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