Three or four cornered fight brewing up in Kuala Kubu Baharu?

Yesterday DAP named 31-year-old Pang Sock Tao as its candidate to retain the Kuala Kubu Baharu seat.

It is confirmed that Perikatan Nasional too would be fielding a candidate, although it remains unclear whether Gerakan would get a second chance or would Bersatu get its maiden chance.

Interestingly the contest for the semi urban mixed seat may turn into a three or four cornered fight by nomination day on 27 April.

Yesterday Parti Orang Asli Malaysia (Asli) confirmed that it is fielding a candidate in its inaugural election foray.

The candidate, according to party president, Rashid Ka’ is an Orang Asli businessman with a degree.

It is very likely for the Muda-PSM coalition to also join the tussle that would make it a four cornered battle.

Whether Muda-PSM joins the by-election or backs Asli would be known later today, said a source.

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