Why not acknowledge genocide in Gaza, Bruce Gilley?

Chairman of the International Bureau AMANAH Youth National Mus’ab Muzahar challenges a political science professor from Portland State University named Bruce Gilley to address the ongoing Gaza genocide instead of making sensational claims.

“Instead of making wild claims about a second holocaust, why not acknowledge the ongoing genocide in Gaza?” Mus’ab queried in a Facebook post, questioning Gilley’s priorities amidst the stark realities unfolding in Gaza.

“Mr. Bruce Gilley, do you even grasp the basics of politics? Are you truly a Political Science Professor?

“Your recent statements lack any credibility. They simply reveal your incompetence and ignorance,” wrote Mus’ab in the same Facebook post.

“Over 35,000 lives lost, including 15,000 children and 9,000 women, all in just 200 days, from your so-called ‘civilized’ country, the United States, and its devil allies in Israel,” Mus’ab wrote.

“Will you confront these facts or continue to hide behind empty words?” he asked.

“Let’s have a conversation about the reality,” Mus’ab wrote in a Facebook post, questioning whether Gilley would confront facts or continue to hide behind empty words.

Earlier today, Gilley expressed regret over a post he shared containing an excerpt from his recent lecture titled “Will Malaysia Become an Active Middle Power.”

The lecture was delivered at the University of Malaya (UM) on Tuesday.

During the talk in UM, he allegedly downplayed Malaysia’s ties with the US and claimed that Malaysia had pushed for a “second holocaust against the Jewish people”.

“‘A country whose political leaders advocate a second Holocaust against the Jewish people will never be a serious player in world affairs, and will certainly never be a friend or partner of the US,’ from my keynote address yesterday in KL on Malaysian foreign policy,” he wrote, sharing his keynote address in an X post.

Yesterday on his X account, he posted a quote from his keynote address in KL on Malaysian foreign policy, asserting,

He claimed to have removed the post for the safety and well-being of his colleagues at UM, whose leadership has responded to the student outcry.

Initially, Gilley had been scheduled to give three talks at UM as a visiting professor, however, due to a controversy spark, those talks have been cancelled by Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir.

He left Malaysia earlier today.

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