Boycott detrimental to Indians, says MIC man

Hulu Selangor MIC chief K Balasundaram has advised Indian voters in the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election against boycotting the polls as it would be detrimental to the Indian community.

“If we boycott the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election, will we be able to help uplift the Indian community there?

“Because if the opposition (Perikatan Nasional) wins the by-election the state government would not change hands, and neither will the federal government,” he said, FMT reported.

On that note he admitted there were a small number within MIC who are struggling to accept the cooperation of BN with Pakatan Harapan, especially the DAP.

“There are about 20% (of grassroot members) who cannot accept working with DAP but we are trying to persuade and make them understand (the situation),” he said.

A fortnight ago, Selangor exco V Papparaidu who is also Banting state assemblyman of the DAP revealed that there are efforts from opposition friendly groups fanning the boycott sentiment among the Indian voters.

Urimai protem chief P Ramasamy who is not part of the opposition bloc have been advising voters against supporting PH’s Pang Sock Tao of the DAP.

Pang would be attempting to retain Kuala Kubu Baharu in DAP’s hands in a four cornered by-election on May 11.

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