Vernacular school: Kok dares Khairul to state his stand

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok dared PN’s candidate for the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election Khairul Azhari Saut of Bersatu to state his stand regarding vernacular schools.

“As a candidate vying for a seat in Kuala Kubu Baharu, which hosts five SJKCs and two SJKTs, it is imperative that he (Khairul Azhari Saut) state his position on the existence of vernacular schools.

“Does he share the view of his PAS comrades, or does he align with the opinion of a Bersatu MP who advocates their abolition?

“We eagerly await Khairul’s response,” she said.

The remarks were made following Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari’s post that linked DAP candidate Pang Sock Tao’s SPM result to her attendance at a vernacular school.

“While he issued a half-hearted apology, he still chose to subtly encourage the public to exploit the issue of vernacular schools for political gain during the election campaign,” she said, describing this as a divisive and deeply racist tactic.

The “half-hearted apology” was made Pang took up a dare and revealed that she scored all ‘A’s in her SPM though she attended vernacular school.

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