Bersatu-Pas face off: A case of plantation manor speaking back to employer’

A political scientist described the reprimand by Bersatu associate wing chairman Chong Fat Full to Pas information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari who touched on vernacular schools as a case of plantation manor speaking back to employer.

“The plantation’s manor is speaking back to the employer. He should know better – as a non – member, his opinions do not count,” said James Chin of Tasmania University on Facebook.

Fadhli had attempted to capitalise on DAP candidate Pang Sock Tao’s vernacular school background in the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election campaign.

The term plantation manor was used because non-Malays in Bersatu are not even accepted as full members.

To top it off, Bersatu is merely a junior partner compared to Pas that has made political gains in both the general elections in 2022 and the state polls in six states last year.

This is despite the top post in Perikatan Nasional and the Opposition Leader position is held by Bersatu.

The by-election sees a four cornered tussle involvinv Pang, Bersatu’s Khairul Azhari Saut, PRM’s Hafizah Zainuddin and independent candidate Nyau Ke Xin.

The KKB seat had fell vacant due to the death of its three term DAP assemblyman Lee Kee Hiong on March 21. She succumbed to cancer.

Polling is on May 11.

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