Ramasamy directionless and sore, says Loke

DAP secretary general Anthony Loke described former deputy chief minister II of Penang and current Urimai chief P Ramasamy as being directionless and sore after the DAP decided to drop the latter during the state polls.

“He is free to say whatever, but I believe that Malaysians are wise enough to judge and the right to vote is the right of every person.

“If we take a look at his arguments (for Indian voters to boycott PH), he seems directionless and has no purpose. He said to not vote for PH but did not answer when asked who else to vote for.

“What is his alternative? He does not have one and this means that his political activities are driven solely by resentment against DAP and PH as he was not nominated again (to contest in GE15),” Loke said.

He said this in response to calls by Ramasamy to boycott Pakatan Harapan in the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election.

‘What’s the alternative Ramasamy?’

Ramasamy justified it as a measure to register the dissatisfaction of the Indian community against the treatment given by the federal government.

Loke pointed out that PH are both federal and state governments that will be able to resolve issues.

“Right now, PH is also the coalition that represents the state legislative assembly (as state government), so the (PH) candidate is a representative of the state government when elected.

“Hence, the representative is focusing on issues in the area and what are the ways that (the candidate) can do to help the people. This is not a question of what to boycott.

“He (Ramasamy) wants to boycott but what is his alternative? So let’s not follow those without direction or else we too will be lost,” he said during a walkabout session with DAP’s Pang Sock Tao in Kuala Kubu Baharu.

Pang is facing four cornered tussle to retain the semi urban mixed constituency on May 11.

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