MIPP extends olive branch to Urimai

The latest Indian opposition party – the Malaysian Indian People’s Party has extended an invitation to work together with Urimai as both parties hit the campaign trails in Kuala Kubu Baharu.

While both are opposed to the unity government, MIPP is a coalition member of Perikatan Nasional whereas Urimai is not aligned to any coalition yet.

“They are going on the ground on their own. There are no arrangements yet,” said MIPP president P Punithan when asked on whether both parties have established some form of cooperation.

“We don’t mind inviting them for our events as long as they support our candidate,” he added.

He also extended an open invitation to other opposition parties to work together.

“I would like to call the Malaysian Advancement Party, Muda, PSM to work together with the opposition. Nobody wants to work in a silo.”

Urimai has hit the campaign trail urging Kuala Kubu Baharu voters against voting for Pakatan Harapan whereas MIPP is rooting for Bersatu’s Khairul Azhari Saut.

Khairul is facing off Pang Sock Tao, PRM’s Hafizah Zainuddin and independent candidate Nyau Ke Xin on May 11.

The by election had to be called following the death of its incumbent, three term state rep Lee Kee Hiong who succumbed to cancer in March.

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