Russia, China among those sanctioned by US

The United States have sanctioned close to 300 entities in Russia, China and countries that are favouring President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The move was announced by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in a statement.

“Treasury has consistently warned that companies will face significant consequences for providing material support for Russia’s war.

“Today’s actions will further disrupt and degrade Russia’s war efforts by going after its military industrial base and the evasion networks that help supply it.”

The sanctions was announced a week after President Joe Biden signed a bill to provide new funding to Ukraine.

“Even as we’re throwing sand in the gears of Russia’s war machine, President (Joe) Biden’s recently-passed National Security Supplemental is providing badly-needed military, economic, and humanitarian support to bolster Ukraine’s courageous resistance,” Yellen said.

“Combined, our support for Ukraine and our relentless targeting of Russia’s military capacity is giving Ukraine a critical leg-up on the battlefield.”

Other targets include individuals and companies involved in Moscow’s energy, mining and metals sectors, targeted individuals connected to the death of Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny who died in a Siberian prison in February, groups enabling Russia to acquire technology and China based targets that is supporting Russia.

“The United States, along with many international partners, is particularly concerned about entities based in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and other third countries that provide critical inputs to Russia’s military-industrial base,” the Treasury statement said.

“This support enables Russia to continue its war against Ukraine and poses a significant threat to international security.”

Other non – Russian targets include those who are based in Azerbaijan, Belgium, Slovakia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, AFP reported.