Resolve issues of the Indians, says DAP’s Thulsi

DAP’s Thulsi Manogaran made an impassioned plea to the government to resolve the issues that has been beleaguering the Indian community since they had also contributed to the success of the win of the Pakatan Harapan that formed the government.

“It cannot be denied that the change of government this time took place due to the support of the Indians. Are Indians jealous of other races?

“The answer is, no.

“We don’t need bumiputera rights, we are only asking for a meaningful change that would ensure Indians are freed from poverty, housing issues, equal employment and education opportunities.

“I agree, Indians in Malaysia are still waiting to see a change,” said the Buntong state assemblywoman on X.

“Would alleviating the Indians be a zero-sum game?”

“The answer is no!

“I hope national level leaders would seriously look into the problems faced by the Indians instead of brushing off their requests by claiming that the policies are for all the people.

“The reality in Malaysia is, policies are made based on the races in Malaysia.

“I am in politics for all the people.

“But when certain communities can’t reach upto the leadership, I will not remain silent

“I am very hopeful that the promised change would be implemented as soon as possible. Don’t leave the people in a state of uncertainty.”

Issues of the Indian community is also among the issues raised in the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election.

Even MIC deputy president M Saravanan revealed the discontentment of the Indian community last night during the Unity Night event that saw MIC and DAP together for the first time.

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