‘Come out clean, declare your assets, Khairul Azhari’

PH youth information chief Ammar Atan dared Perikatan Nasional candidate Khairul Azhari Saut to declare his asset and liabilities amid claims that the latter owed RM40,000 to loan sharks.

“Following the controversy regarding Khairul’s academic qualifications, now he has become embroiled in questions about his alleged debt. In fact, he has avoided answering when confronted with this topic.

“According to the Kelantan mufti, borrowing from loan sharks is a sinful act, and Khairul’s act of avoiding answering on this topic may be a prelude to how he will deal with his constituents later, should he be elected,” Ammar said in a statement.

Khairul had previously avoided questions from the media on this matter.

Election laws does not permit an individual from contesting for public office if one is bankrupt.

Khairul is in a four way tussle against DAP’s Pang Sock Tao and two other candidates in the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election that is scheduled to take place next week.

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