Malaysia Ranks 5th on Southeast Asia’s perception towards China graph

Yesterday, Seasia Stats shared an illustrated graph on Instagram depicting Southeast Asian countries’ perception towards china.

Malaysia ranked fifth on the graph.

Seasia Stats reported that 74% of Southeast Asians express concern over China’s increasing influence, while only 27% welcome it, as revealed by the 2024 ASEAN Studies Centre survey on Southeast Asian perspectives.

“The results reveal widespread concern about both powers, with a higher average skepticism towards China, at 74%, compared to 59% for the U.S.

“This sentiment is particularly pronounced in countries like Vietnam, where over 95% of respondents expressed worry about China’s growing influence, likely influenced by ongoing territorial disputes in the South China Sea,” said Seasia Stats Instagram.

Not everyone agree with the graph.

“I don’t know how accurate this is, The Philippines abhors the geopolitical bullying of China. If anything, we should be on top of those who dislike the Chinese’s way of handling things,” Instagram user named perrybwoi said.

“What is this propaganda graph? We Filipino don’t like china,” said Instagram user named _shanneeeeee.

“Malaysian public have bad view about china….,” said Instagram user named noe_lensky111.

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