Food trailer scam left 19 poorer by RM300,000

A food trailer scam left 19 victims poorer by RM300,000. Multiple aspiring food truck entrepreneurs paid for food trailers from the same company last year but never received them, disrupting their business plans significantly, reported China Press and Sin Chew Daily

Nanyang Daily headlined that the government’s plans to increase civil servants salary by 13 % stirs envy among private sector employees. Yet, there is hope for employees working in the private sector, because they are expected to receive a salary increase of at least 5.27% this year.

The 2024 Malaysian Work Monitoring Survey Report released by human resources service provider Randstad shows that more and more young people tend to prefer flexible working models, with nearly Generation Z (49%) and Millennials (47%) opposing rigid work arrangements, led the Sin Chew Daily.

Kwong Wah Daily headlined that the government aims to regulate social media usage for children under 13, with Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil revealing the final drafting stage of the online service platform framework, mandating compliance with Malaysian law for all providers.


Sin Chew Daily said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced a 13% salary increase for 1.6 million civil servants on Labor Day, that poses financial challenges without budget adjustments or borrowing.

The 13% increment represents an additional 10 billion Ringgit annually from the treasury, which posed a significant financial challenge unless the government increases its budget or resorts to borrowing to maintain fiscal balance.

A performance-based salary system could enhance service quality and efficiency for civil servants, aiding national development and economic revitalization efforts.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that it is unfair that hard working employees enjoy 13% increments in salary, same as lazy unproductive workers, said Nanyang Daily.

The establishment of this performance-based salary system is meant that is meant to reward and punishment deserves praise and support. If our country intends to attract foreign investment we need to compete with another nation. There is a need to change the inefficiency of approving investment projects, and make it easier and faster for foreign investment to invest in Malaysia.

If our country wants to attract a large amount of foreign investment, it must strengthen competition with other countries, change the inefficiency of approving investment projects, and make it easier and faster for foreign investment to settle in Malaysia.

The daily also said that the government provides more generous salaries and rewards, hoping that civil servants can improve their livelihoods while enhancing service efficiency and helping to promote the development of the national economy. If civil servants have no sense of crisis and remain lazy, we can only watch neighbouring countries move forward quickly while we continue to lag behind.

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