China extends visa free entry for Malaysians by a year

Guang Ming Daily, Nanyang Daily, Sin Chew Daily, and Kwong Wah Daily reported that China has unilaterally extended the visa-free entry for Malaysian citizens until the end of 2025, following last year’s mutual announcement of a one-year reciprocal visa-free policy between Malaysia and China.

The Chinese ambassador to Malaysia Ouyang Yujing revealed the news during his speech at the launch of the Malaysia-China Commemorative Forum on Tuesday (May 7).

Last year, Malaysia and China announced, that citizens of both countries would benefit from reciprocal visa-free travel privileges until November 30th 2024.

China Press Daily headlined that a powerful storm toppled a large tree in the city centre, crushing 17 cars and their drivers, resulting in one fatality and two injuries.

Apparently, a fatal accident involving a fallen tree claimed the life of a 47-year-old Malay driver of a luxury sedan, and injured a 26-year-old Malay e-hailing driver and a 72-year-old Swedish passenger.

Besides cars, the incident damaged a monorail track and a bus shelter, creating a perilous scene with a halted train near the fallen tree.

In addition to damaging cars, the incident also caused harm to a monorail track and a bus shelter, leading to a dangerous situation with a train brought to a halt near the fallen tree.


Sin Chew Daily said combating corruption is a challenging endeavour and success hinges on the efficacy of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The daily also mentioned that if citizens abstain from bribery and officials reject illicit gifts, the goal of improving the Corruption Perception Index to 25th globally by 2033 can be achieved.

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