Fan confusion: Simon Yam is mistaken for Andy Lau

Malaysia Fans mistook Hong Kong actor Sean Lau for another Hong Kong actor Andy Lau.

Recently, a netizen shared a video clip online, believed to have occurred in Malaysia, featuring Simon in a blue suit and sunglasses, reported China Press Daily.

Turned out that when he stepped out of the car and made his way towards the shopping mall, veteran actor Simon Yam found himself quickly surrounded by enthusiastic citizens, making it challenging for him to move forward.

He warmly greets the audience, maintaining a smile throughout the video.

Suddenly, a male voice exclaimed in Mandarin, ‘Andy Lau’, and then, upon seeing Yam not pausing, humorously shouted again in Cantonese, ‘Andy Lau’.

Netizens amused and frustrated, jokingly commenting on Simon being mistaken for Andy Lau, despite the mistake, they appreciated Yam’s gracious behaviour.