Call a spade, a spade, Aaron

A political analyst took Minister of National Unity Aaron Anak Dagang to task for the ministry’s failure in creating a hotline for insults against non-Muslim faiths.

“Just call the spade what it is. You are unable to address legitimate complaints against one particular religion, which is why you are unable to establish a hotline,” said James Chin of Tasmania University, Australia.

“It is common knowledge that just one religion is supported and safeguarded. It would be best if there was no hotline so you wouldn’t have to deal with this problem because you are so afraid.

“This ministry is merely a window ornament, continually being eroded by identity politics (2R). Everybody knows that. That is a fact!,” he added.

Yesterday Aaron turned down a suggestion by Tuaran MP Wilfred Madius who called for a hotline that caters for non-Muslims.

The idea was to have a 24-h0ur hotline, similar to the one set up by the Islamic development department.

Aaron claimed the ministry already had mechanisms such as the e-Sepakat system and community mediators to arrest the problem.

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