Penang city centre to be transformed with over a million trees

Penang Mayor Datuk Anthony Rajendran, also the MBPP president, plans to plant over a million trees, primarily sourced from the city centre to turn its central hub into a green city. 

He also highlighted the importance of ratepayers’ support in addressing the challenges posed by global warming.

Besides that, MBPP will urged businesses in George Town to plant or maintain plants along sidewalks in order to make the city centre more accessible to pedestrians and reduce carbon emissions from vehicles, 

“Trees and plants would adorn every section of the cityscape and become a common feature here,” said Rajendran.

Rajendran is exploring incentives for carpooling and public transit to reduce carbon emissions. He encourages residents in housing estates and high-rises to green their surroundings, preparing for climate change impacts.

Rajendran urged ratepayers to adapt to extreme weather by conserving water and reducing carbon emissions. He emphasizes tree planting and greenery to combat heatwaves and mitigate climate change effects on water supply.

MBPP is also replacing tiles in side lanes and walkways with ones that allow water to seep through, making it cooler and less humid for walking.

MBPP is pleased with the response from ratepayers clearing car parking fines, totalling RM763,075 with a 50% discount.

A new compound structure for parking fines will be implemented, ranging from RM20 for same-day payment to RM120 for overdue fines, effective this month.