Malaysia’s internet sensation alerts public to cash-for-clothes scam

Malaysia Internet sensation Little Ma Brother (name transliterated) warned that scammer groups are now enticing people with promises of up to RM500 cash for exchanging old clothes.

He revealed in a video he posted on Facebook that in the past, scammers groups used parcel scams to steal money, but now, they’ve switched tactics.

He said the scammers would claim that it is possible to make money by recycling old clothes and using it to buy new ones.

Once they click on the ads, they will be redirected to the WhatsApp app where they will try to scam unexpected victims. 

“First, they will attract your attention with a Facebook advertisement promising to pay 10 to 25 Ringgit for recycling one piece of clothing, and even more, between 50 to 500 Ringgit for branded clothes. 

“They claim you can make money by recycling old clothes and use it to buy new ones,” he said. 

“When you click on their advertisement, they will redirect you to WhatsApp to explain further. 

“Then, they will prompt you to download their clothing recycling app and fill in details for a doorstep collection appointment. They will ask you to pay a delivery fee of 3.88 Ringgit upfront, assuring you it will be refunded on the day of collection. Since it’s not a large sum, you agree,” he further explained in the video. 

“That’s when you fall into their trap!” he exclaimed. 

He warned that they’ll steal your personal info and banking details, suggesting they exploit the information you provided.

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