Another tree incident

In Tawau, Sabah, a car was damaged when a tree fell on it near SK Bahagia on May 14.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in the East Coast district.

Chief of Tawau Fire and Rescue station Jemishin Ujin, stated that a seven-man team was swiftly dispatched to the scene after receiving a call at 6:37 pm.

“The tree had fallen on a car parked at the location,” he said, reported The Star on Wednesday.

“We subsequently cut off the branches using a chainsaw,” he also said.

He claimed that they cleared the debris and safely disposed of it away from the road to avoid disrupting traffic flow.

He revealed that only the car was damaged in the incident, no one was reported to be hurt.

The operation concluded at 7:14 pm, said Jemishin.

A recent incident on May 7 saw a tree collapse along Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur, resulting in injuries to two people and the destruction of 17 vehicles.