Singaporean cars not the only target of thieves

Malaysia’s police dismissed the note left by a car owner in Singapore pleading not to smash windows incident as mere mischief said Johor Baru South OCPD Asst Comm Raub Selamat. 

The police also refuted the claim that Singaporean vehicles are being targeted by thieves, according to him.

He emphasised that the police are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone, including Singaporeans visiting Johor Bahru.

“On average, 250,000 cars from Singapore enter Johor state each day. If the windows of these cars were smashed by criminals to steal valuables inside, there would be long queues of people reporting to the police station,” he said. 

Raub informed that the proportion of car break-ins for theft is quite small, and they are all isolated cases.

He also believes that the claim that Singaporean cars are always targeted by thieves is incorrect. 

This is because the police also receive reports from locals regarding car break-ins and theft incidents.

“Car owners have a responsibility not to leave valuables inside their vehicles and should avoid parking in dark or secluded areas,” he said. 

He also said: “The police have also taken measures, including increasing patrols at night.”

A Facebook page called “SG Kaypoh People” recently shared a photo showing a car’s passenger window with a large sign taped to it. 

The sign read, “Please don’t break my car window again. This car has been broken into many times, and there’s nothing left to steal inside.” 

The page suggested that Singaporean car owners entering Malaysia should consider preparing similar notes.