Reconsider appointments in state Pahang GLC, local councils

Grassroot Pahang PKR members would like its state chapter to reconsider appointing its Indian, Chinese, Orang Asli and differently-abled members into the state government linked companies and local councils.

Recently it was reported that four state assemblymen were appointed into the legislative body.

Aside from state assembly, there were appointments into state government linked companies and local councils.

Grass root members however are disappointed over the lack of Indian, Chinese and Orang Asli members into the state government linked companies and local councils as it does not reflect PKR being a multiracial party.

During the announcement of the four appointed state assemblymen, the opposition had questioned the lack of representation from Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli and differently-abled communities.

“We are disappointed and would like to appeal to the party leadership to reconsider the appointments since there are no Chinese, Indian and differently-abled members appointed.

“Only one Indian was appointed to the local council. There were no representatives from the Chinese, Indian and differently-abled community into the state linked companies as well. To add salt to the injury, there were leaders who were appointed as a councillor as well as into state linked companies.

“Please reconsider the appointments,” said a Pahang PKR grass root member who explained that what he said is a general sentiment felt at branch and division levels.

For the record, Pahang PKR chapter is led by Selangor PKR chief Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari who is also the state Menteri Besar. His deputy in the Pahang chapter is Rizal Jamin.

Rizal is among the four who was appointed as a state assemblyman.