Michelle Yeoh, Anna Jobling, Neelofa on blockout list

Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh, drama artist Anna Jobling and actress turned entrepreneur Neelofa are among the celebrities who are on a blockout list for their perceived silence over the war in Gaza or support for brands tied to Israel.

Their names are among the 30 in a list entitled Malaysian celebrity and influencers block list that was posted by Facebook user Liena Bunkerz four days ago that has garnered 6,200 shares as of the time of writing.

A check by Harapan Daily revealed other Malaysian artists including Janna Nick, Mira Filzah, Daiyan Trisha and Ruhainies. Ruhainies was under the spotlight recently for having a scandalous affair with fellow actor Aliff Aziz.

The blockout list follows “Blockout 2024” that gets social media users to boycott celebrities and influencers on social media platforms.

Blocking out account of these public figures means social media users would not see any content and collaborations on the social media platforms. Ultimately it serves to impact the income of the celebrities, AP reported.

According to American media, the Blockout 2024 movement started at the Met Gala in New York on May 6. It was fuelled by angry reactions to a video posted by TikTok influencer Haley Kalil.

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