Video of little boy’s emotional dance breaks the internet

Little boy’s tearful performance wows the crowd and becomes an internet sensation.

A humorous video shared on the Xinhua Weibo page captured a little boy having an emotional meltdown at a dance competition, but still managing to impress audiences.

The little boy came on stage with tears in his eyes and then proceeded to bust out his ultimate move, which shocked the audience as seen in the video. 

Apparently, the little boy had fallen sound asleep before he was supposed to go on stage, according to a photographer who was there. 

The boy performed moves that appeared beyond human ability, leaving viewers speechless with his remarkable skill level.

“This little brother was woken up at a Hip Hop dance competition and had to start the show,” written in the video. 

“He was woken up by his mother and brought to the stage. Unexpectedly, he performed various difficult moves after taking to the stage,”  also mentioned in the video.

The video showed this incident occurring recently at the auditions of a Hip Hop dance competition in Yuncheng, Shanxi province.

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