PM vows tough action against extremists

The government will take strict action against any extremist groups inciting unrest to ensure the nation’s security is always guaranteed.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said this following several recent violent incidents that claimed the lives of security personnel and disrupted the country’s peace.

“I want to assure you that we have met with the security forces and will take firm action against these groups. God willing, the situation will become calmer and more controlled.

“It appears there are efforts to disturb the peace at a time when the country is stable, and the economy is showing promising growth,” he said in a National Address broadcast live on all local media channels tonight.

Anwar said the government is serious about combating corruption, however, he stressed that the process takes time.

“The process takes time and sometimes, it can be exhausting. I, myself, and many of my colleagues, sometimes feel impatient (and question) why no action has been taken against past practices, which tremendously enrich (certain quarters).

“But, let’s leave things to the enforcement agencies, the prosecution teams and, finally, the judiciary,” he said.

Give enforcement agencies time

Anwar emphasized the importance of allowing enforcement agencies like the police, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, and even the National Audit Department the space to operate effectively.

“From the very first year, I had said we needed to put a stop to negotiated tenders and move towards an open tender system… (these are more) transparent and we avoid the practice of commission-taking, which wastes the people’s money,” he said in a national address broadcast live tonight.

“Some people question why, if corruption is still rampant, the perpetrators haven’t been immediately punished.

“I emphasise that investigations are ongoing. There is a legal framework and court processes that must remain independent and take time,” he added

Anwar stated that the government will not interfere in the judicial process and will give full autonomy to enforcement agencies.

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