Terror threat remains high: Singapore PM responds to Ulu Tiram assault

Singapore Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced heightened security in Singapore following an attack on a Malaysian police station, believed to have ties to an Al-Qaeda-linked group.

“I have just received a briefing from our security agencies. 

“In view of the heightened threat situation following the Ulu Tiram attack, we have stepped up security measures, including at our checkpoints,” Lawrence said via a Facebook post. 

He added: “Such an attack, just across our borders, is a grim reminder that the threat of terrorism remains high.”

He also said that their security agencies will continue to monitor global and regional security developments closely.

“I urge the public to remain vigilant against the terrorism threat. Report any suspicious persons or activities to the authorities immediately,” he said. 

Last Friday’s attack at a police station in Ulu Tiram, Johor, resulted in the death of two officers and injury to another. 

Investigations continue, but the attacker’s motives remain unclear.

“What is known is that the attacker’s father was a member of the Jemaah Islamiyah, although the attacker was said to have acted alone,” the Singapore Prime Minister said. 

He also said the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has been used by global terrorist elements to peddle their radical rhetoric and incite calls for violence. 

“We have to remain vigilant against such extremist ideology finding resonance here. In particular, self-radicalisation is a growing concern, especially in our youths. 

“Over the past two years, four self-radicalised youths (under the age of 20) were dealt with under the Internal Security Act,” he said. 

He urged the public to promptly contact ISD at 1800-2626-473 if they notice signs of radicalization in someone they know, for immediate assistance.

He said: “Early reporting will allow ISD and its partners to help the suspected radicalised individual in a timely manner and prevent the person from harming himself/herself and others.”

The Malaysian police have dismissed the attack on Ulu Tiram police station as a terrorist attack.

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