Legal reforms on the way, says Kulasegaran

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law and Institutional Reform) M. Kulasegaran confirmed that amendments to the Legal Profession Act 1976 and reforms to the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) exams and syllabus would be looked into.

“Several issues were raised, including amendments to the Legal Profession Act 1976, reform of the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) exams and syllabus, and several encumbrances that lawyers seem to be facing when transacting with several government agencies,” he said via Instagram after having interacted with Perak Bar.

He also mentioned that he and his team had noted all concerns raised and would elevate them for discussion with the relevant parties so these issues could be resolved.

“I thank the Perak Bar Committee for their time.

“Engagements such as this will be held with the Bar Committees of each state over the course of this year to hear their concerns and any issues their lawyers may be facing, so we can assist in resolving them if possible,” he said.


He also mentioned that he had put forth urgent reforms for the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) exam.

“I received many complaints from law students and the public about the CLP, both at present and when I was an opposition MP, particularly regarding the 4-time attempt limit and the need for detailed reviews of CLP exam papers so students could learn from their mistakes,” he said.

“There must be short-term and long-term reforms of the CLP, with the long-term goal being a Common Bar Course.

“We will take discussions forward in this regard with all relevant stakeholders,” he said.

The CLP was introduced in 1984 as an alternative route for admission to the Malaysian Bar for those unable to sit for the English Bar exams.

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