No beats for DJ Monk in Singapore

Korean DJ NewJeansNim, known for performing in a monk’s robe and using Buddhist mantras, will be barred from performing in Singapore, Singapore Minister for Home Affairs and Law, K Shanmugam said. 

“Police have told the nightclub owners that action will be taken if the performance proceeds. They understood our position, and have agreed to cooperate,” he said this on his Facebook page.

“This news has come out on Wesak Day, an unfortunate coincidence. But the Buddhist community, (like other communities) knows that the government will take firm action, in respect of such things,” he added, referring to the holy Buddhist holiday.

He was slated to perform at Club Rich in Singapore on June 19th, but the announcement drew criticism from the public.

On May 19, The Singapore Buddhist Federation (SBF) urged Singaporean authorities to prohibit the artist’s performances at Club Rich.

“NewJeansNim is not a monk and should not put on a monk’s robe to perform as it is against Vinaya Monks’ Rule. 

“Hopefully, relevant authorities will be able to reject the permits for performance to avoid bringing embarrassment to Buddhists,” said SBF on Facebook, mentioning the Vinaya, the rules of conduct for Buddhist monks.

The Korean DJ caused outrage in Malaysia when he performed at Gemu Club KL on May 3 while dressed as a monk.

His second performance at Gemu Club KL on May 21 and Bliss Melaka on May 31 were cancelled.

In South Korea, he enjoys support from both fans and the president of the country’s largest Buddhist sect, the Jogye Order. They encourage him to persist, viewing the DJ as a way to attract new and younger followers.

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