DJ performance proceeds as planned after initial glitch

A Nightclub called Club Rich in Singapore confirms controversial South Korean DJ NewJeansNim performance will proceed as planned after initial glitch.

He is known for performing in a monk’s robe and using Buddhist mantras.

The DJ is scheduled to perform at the Club Rich on 19 and 30 June.

“Dj NewJeansNim shows continued,” the Club Rich Facebook page said.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) noted on Tuesday, May 21 that the performance can only proceed if the South Korean DJ excludes any religious elements in his performance.

SPF issued an advisory to the club as a measure after Singapore Law and Honne Affairs Minister Kshanmugam warned that action would be taken if the performance proceeds due to its potential offensiveness to the Buddhist community.

This entailed guaranteeing that the performance did not incorporate any religious elements including attire, hand gestures, artefacts, songs, and lyrics, stated SPF.

The Singapore Public Entertainment License, obligated the licensee to ensure that the entertainment provided at their show did not pose a risk or incite disharmony among various groups or communities.

“Given the nature of the planned performance, the act may have been in violation of this condition,” SPF had said.

Club Rich confirmed they will ensure that DJ NewJeansNim would not wear a monk’s robe or use monastic instruments, or play music related to Buddhist mantras in the performance.

“Club Rich respects all religions and we ensured that the performance turned out to be non-religious related performance,” the owner added, reported СNA.

The South Korean DJ sparked outrage in Malaysia after performing at Gemu Club KL on May 3 while dressed as a monk.

His scheduled performances at Gemu Club KL, on May 21 and Bliss Melaka on May 31 were cancelled.

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