High profiles cases are isolated, minister confirms

Several high profile security incidents that took place recently are not linked, confirmed Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

These include the attack on Ulu Tiram police station in Johor.

All four incidents were isolated cases, he stressed.

“In Dato Keramat (Penang), the preliminary investigation found that it involved a couple who went to the police station, which ended with an attempt to seize weapons. At the time of the incident, they were drunk.

“In Ulu Tiram (Johor), the police conducted an interview with the local community. They said these people did not mix with others. Initial police investigation found that they saw others as infidels. They don’t go to school. They see a mosque built by the government, they label those who go there as infidels.

“The one we caught at the Istana Negara, he said he had a dream. His dream is that he gets an order to have an audience with [Yang diPertuan Agong]. So, it’s different,” he said in a press conference after attending his ministry’s monthly assembly.

The attack on Ulu Tiram police station took place on Friday.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok of the DAP received a death threat with two bullets on Saturday.

Two men were arrested on the same day for attempting to trespass into Istana Negara.

A drunk man attempted to trespass and seize a firearm at the Dato Keramat police station last Sunday.

On 20 May, Saifuddin announced that the police were investigating whether the incidents were random, organised individually or by a group.