Pang Sock Tao decries fake news

Selangor state legislative member Pang Sock Tao dismissed a news article purportedly published by an online news portal FMT, calling it fraudulent.

Pang said that the fake news article titled “A lawsuit against Pang Sock Tao? What’s behind the serious allegations…” falsely claimed that she participated in the “Mamak Sessions Podcasts” with Jin Lim and endorsed a trading app called Astral Edge.

“I wish to hereby clarify that I have never participated in such an interview, nor have I endorsed this trading app called Astral Egde,” she said via a Facebook post.

“This news article from this link has misused my name and images to disseminate untrue contents that will gravely mislead the public.”

She said that the photos and footage included in the link are entirely fabricated and false, labelling the entire ordeal as a scam intended to deceive and exploit unsuspecting individuals.

Taking swift action, she informed her followers via Facebook that she had reported the fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities and initiated steps to have the misleading content removed from circulation.

“I am taking steps to report this fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities and to have this misleading content removed,” she said.

In her Facebook post, Pang advised against clicking on the provided link and urged individuals to refrain from interacting with any associated content.

“Protecting your personal information and online safety is of utmost importance, and I encourage you to remain vigilant,” Pang added.

The fake link would lead people to sites for cryptocurrency trading and Bitcoin.

This is not the first time personalities have been implicated. The links are posted as Facebook ads.

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